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Curtain Your Home

Spinnake - Coral - £11.50 per metre

Spinnake - Coral

Spinnake design features narrow, vertical multi-coloured stripes in light shades of red, yellow, cream, white, blue and charcoal.

Suitable furnishings for curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstery.

Width: 137cms
100% Cotton
Hand Wash | Cool Iron

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£11.50 per metre

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minimum order 1m - but part metres accepted thereafter eg. 1.1m

Harbour - Coral - £11.50 per metre

Harbour - Coral
£11.50 per metre

Mariner - Coral - £11.50 per metre

Mariner - Coral
£11.50 per metre

Beachcomber - Coral - £11.50 per metre

Beachcomber - Coral
£11.50 per metre


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